Whoever lives in Saint Charles, MO knows that the winter in this region can be long and chilly. One of the biggest threats for the residents here is to protect their plumbing system from freezing. Freezing and burst pipes are maybe the most terrible risk people face. So, we feel obliged to provide you with some useful tips how to prevent such a disaster at home.
The first thing we should outline here are the reasons why pipes freeze. Water is a unique substance that expands once frozen. This expansion puts metal and plastic piping at a huge tension and the risk of that material to break. Piping that is exposed to extremely low temperatures, like swimming pool lines, sprinklers, outdoor hose bibs, and more need special care.
How can you protect them from the influence of the cold winter? Before the freezing season sets in, you should do the following:

  • Drain water from all exterior water lines and pipes. But do not put antifreeze in them unless recommended by a qualified plumber. You should know that antifreeze is dangerous for the environment, pets, wildlife, and humans.
  • Remove all hoses and store them indoors. Most homeowners store them in their garages. So, you should close all outdoor valves and move all hose bibs to a relatively warm place.
  • Add insulation to the pipes in your garage, attic, basement, and all crawl spaces. Insulating them, you will maintain the normal temperature of the water running through them. .
  • Check the areas where you have water lines for cracks, holes, or other structural defects. Check closely your garage, basement, as well as under the kitchen and bathroom sinks for any foundation structural problems. You will have to fix them in advance. .
  • Keep your garage door always closed during the cold season. .
  • Make sure to open cabinet doors to allow some warm indoor air to circulate around your plumbing fixtures. .

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