We all need water to survive. The question is what quality is the water we consume. We need soft, drinkable, and clean water to be healthy. Unpurified one can pose a serious risk for our health and well-being. Most plumbing service providers will recommend you buy a water filtration system. But is it totally harmless or it has some disadvantages too?

The Environmental Protection Agency
claims that the quality domestic filtration systems remove almost 90 % of the existing microorganisms that cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even in some cases, death. Water purification systems kill all those microscopic threats which makes the water we drink pure and safe. In addition, they eliminate some toxic metal particles as well. Copper and magnesium can be toxic for our body. Of course, some metals and minerals don’t pose a health threat, but they may react with other particles which makes the water undrinkable. Some purification systems have special disinfectants and chemicals that reduce the risk of illnesses and health problems as a whole significantly.

However, they may not completely remove pesticides. Many farmers and agricultural workers use these toxic products to protect their crops from different pests. But they contaminate the soil and can seep into the water supplies. Every plumbing company should provide their customers with the awareness that municipal water must be treated for pesticide pollution too. Home filtration systems can deal with many contaminants but they may not be able to remove the pesticide particles. People who drink water with that kind of contamination are exposed to the risk of cancer.
As a conclusion we have to say that all home purification systems have to meet the American National Sanitation standards helping keeping the water we drink clean and safe.

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